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The SPAC Bubble Is Deflating

Prolonged bear market might have hastened its collapse. The Wall Street Journal in its April 26, 2023 report, “SPACs Delivered Easy Money, but Now Companies Are Running Out,” revealed an unraveling of the […]

2023 Market Outlook: Bears Acting Like Bulls… in a China Shop!

We have already been through a once-in-a-century pandemic and U.S. financial markets have already baked in most of the fallout resulting from it.  The ensuing C-suite of positive factors highlighted in this commentary make it increasingly unlikely that 2023 will be a second straight down year for the S&P 500.  2023, like 1983, is more likely to witness the dawning of another “morning in America,” whether the technical chartists and the fundamental analysts foresee it or not.  Not because their data/analyses are wrong, but both, macroeconomic and geopolitical circumstances have been defying logic during the pandemic era and there is no reason to believe we will be fully back to normal market behavior in 2023.