The Marketing Id (pronounced Eye-D) is a marketplace for sharing marketing ideas and experiences from the entrepreneurial and SMB worlds that primarily target B2B audiences. You can talk about your failures and successes with social media and the new inbound juggernaut or you can stand up for traditional outbound marketing.   Better yet, you can discuss how you have successfully integrated a judicious mix of both.  You can choose to be either left-brained and  logical or right-brained and creative.  But aim to educate or be prepared to learn, or better yet, both!

So why “The Marketing Id?”  Id is the unconscious part of your psyche and  per Freudian theory is a source of instinctive impulses and drives, some of  which can be rather primal and basic.  Well, imagine this id being a source for marketing ideas that are buried deep within your psyche and have been longing to come out.  The Marketing Id is thus intended to be the birthplace for those long-simmering marketing cicadas waiting to come to life.  Finally, Id is also a short-form for Identification, hence The Marketing Id is a place where  you can establish your unique marketing identity while simultaneously contributing to the larger marketing community.

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