Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Id’s new and improved theory of connectivity, E=MC5

The Marketing Id has been promoting its E=MC4 theory of connectivity for some time now, where an Enterprise with Mobility, Cloud-based Communications, Collaboration & Content is setup to succeed in its business and marketing plans.

However, this connectivity always assumed that Cyber-security was implicit in a Cloud-based infrastructure.  On the other hand, The Marketing Id recognizes that:

  • A hacker is born every minute
  • There are committed groups of basement-dwellers dedicated to “seeding the cloud” as it were, and
  • They are intent on raining on the business world’s parade

So The Marketing Id is compelled to recognize Cyber-security as a distinct and imperative need in its theory of connectivity, even as an industry-wide standard for it evolves for cloud-based computing.  The Marketing Id is thus pleased to present its new and improved E=MC5 theory of connectivity:

A social Enterprise that provides Mobility, Cloud-based Communications, Cyber-security, Collaboration & Content.

The Marketing Id hopes that E=MC5 becomes the six-sigma standard of connectivity in the new world of business networks and social media.