The Marketing Id’s new and improved theory of connectivity, E=MC5

The Marketing Id has been promoting its E=MC4 theory of connectivity for some time now, where an Enterprise with Mobility, Cloud-based Communications, Collaboration & Content is setup to succeed in its business and marketing plans.

However, this connectivity always assumed that Cyber-security was implicit in a Cloud-based infrastructure.  On the other hand, The Marketing Id recognizes that:

  • A hacker is born every minute
  • There are committed groups of basement-dwellers dedicated to “seeding the cloud” as it were, and
  • They are intent on raining on the business world’s parade

So The Marketing Id is compelled to recognize Cyber-security as a distinct and imperative need in its theory of connectivity, even as an industry-wide standard for it evolves for cloud-based computing.  The Marketing Id is thus pleased to present its new and improved E=MC5 theory of connectivity:

A social Enterprise that provides Mobility, Cloud-based Communications, Cyber-security, Collaboration & Content.

The Marketing Id hopes that E=MC5 becomes the six-sigma standard of connectivity in the new world of business networks and social media.


About Jack Nargundkar

High-tech marketing is always a constant compromise between logical left-brain analytics and creative right-brain activities. Jack has been living this struggle his entire working career, which he began as a software geek after graduating with a BSEE degree from Bombay University. To hone his marketing skills, Jack went on to pursue an MBA degree from Columbia Business School in New York City. Jack has since gained wide-ranging marketing experience from working at start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in the global IT, Defense & Space, and Telecommunications industries. In the past few years, Jack has focused on developing integrated marketing strategies and plans that incorporate a judicious mix of inbound and outbound marketing techniques. In addition to being a self-published author, Jack has been recognized for outstanding analytical and communications skills, authoring technical articles (self and ghosted) in numerous trade publications and editorial opinions in Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.
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