Marketing Strategy

Top 10 Holiday Tips for Startups & B2Bs in Social Media & Marketing

  1. The Steve Jobs rule “stay hungry, stay foolish” was directed at college grads but it also applies to startups; although for startups to evolve–thinking outside the box has to be coupled with performing inside the box.  Engineering and sales can get you only so far.
  2. In the startup realm, an entrepreneur knocks on or knocks down doors, while an opportunist answers or gets out the way–and thus, the opportunist always succeeds with the business plan.  The opportunist is the one who is market-driven.
  3. Word-of-mouth is a metaphorical social media phenomenon that works to make certain products and events go viral in the B2C world, but viruses are still viewed with skepticism in the B2B domain, so B2Bs need to “put their money where those word-of-mouths are coming from” as it were.
  4. For B2Bs, “jillions of active users” is a social media mirage–only a tiny fraction is your Total Addressable Market (TAM) and inbound marketing targets TAM, so some of them might actually start to follow you.
  5. B2Bs that comply with The Marketing Id’s theory of connectivity, E=MC4, where an Enterprise that has Mobility, Cloud-based Communications, Collaboration & Content are setup to succeed with their marketing and business plan.
  6. The Marketing Id’s Master Card theory of relationships applies to B2Bs–likes from friends might build the brand, but E=MC4 compliant B2Bs must seek pertinent, probing and persistent comments from followers–words are priceless!
  7. When a B2B has established awareness with followers, the most efficient way to introduce them into your funnel and keep them fruitfully engaged is through the use of a marketing automation platform to manage those subsequent and ongoing relationships.
  8. The Marketing Id firmly believes that a penny saved on marketing is a pound lost in sales; and, a pound lost in sales is a ton lost in engineering. So once you are out of startup mode, switch to our rule “stay smart, stay sated.”
  9. When the going gets tough, B2Bs must recall the Peter Drucker rule “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two-and only two-basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”
  10. Nonetheless, social media marketing can become a costly (i.e. wasteful) exercise, if it is done in an ad-hoc fashion and not as part of the annual marketing plan.  This is especially true with the way some B2Bs are pursuing social media – without a proper budget and without an integrated strategy – they are bound to be disappointed!  So B2Bs make sure as you go about finalizing your 2012 Marketing Plan that social media is baked in there as well!