Content Marketing

5 Easy Ways to Promote your B2B Brand Using Inbound Marketing

  1. Add the new Twitter Follow button to both, your company web site and blog. It is an easy way to generate new followers and increase the reach of your brand.
  2. Create relevant hashtags for use in your tweets about your value proposition and/or product/service/solution set or use one of Twitter’s top trending hashtags, if applicable, in these tweets to generate brand awareness for your company. By incorporating a top trending B2B-related hashtag in your tweet, it will be found more easily in search results and help promote brand awareness.
  3. Comment regularly on leading industry-related, technology-related, and other germane blogs and online publications; and on pertinent Facebook and LinkedIn company pages. Make sure to include your company’s brand identity in your comments or signature line. Provide insightful and thought-provoking comments as required. Avoid needless controversy through provocative remarks because these can backfire. Instead elicit “like” and “follow” clicks that help reinforce your company’s image and brand. Inbound marketing can cause some of the fastest known viral infections in the online world – your actions have to ensure that they are of the kind that promote your company brand not devalue it.
  4. Create meaningful on-demand podcasts and webinars of your company’s product/service/solution set for download from your company blog. These should be streamed only after capturing minimal visitor information on a simple form, thus enabling your company to “kill two birds in one download” as it were. First, the podcast/webinar can be used to subtly promote your company brand alongside the content being delivered. Second, all completed download forms automatically become leads into your SFA/CRM system for follow-up.
  5. Ride the coattails of the big kahunas in your industry, who are neither competitor nor foe, by occasionally re-tweeting some of their pertinent stuff. It’s branding by association and it can be helpful as long as it’s not overused.

The bottom line is when you are a small B2B trying to be noticed, using inbound marketing as a tool to build brand equity is a quick and simple way to get there.