Content Marketing

Top 10 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Drive Outbound Marketing

  1. Build and cultivate a strong database of followers on all of your SMB social media sites by posting pertinent, timely and valuable content on a regular basis.
  2. Include the following “Inbound Marketing” information in e-mail signature blocks and company business cards for all your SMB employees:
  1. Tweet a succinct message with an embedded compressed link, where viable, to each one of your upcoming SMB outbound activities/events.
  2. Blog about a pertinent upcoming SMB outbound  activity/event, solicit feedback/comments and embed a link to it, where
  3. Capture minimal visitor information on  relevant SMB blog posts–by offering valuable content/tangible reward in return–especially  when these posts are about your trade shows/ seminars/ conferences.
  4. Host live/on-demand webinars that  are related to your SMB outbound activities/events.
  5. Manage and nurture webinar attendees  at your corresponding SMB outbound activities/events.
  6. Monitor repeat online visitors who  use keywords relevant to your SMB in their organic searches and then click through to spend adequate time on some of your SMB content.
  7. Offer valuable download opportunities  throughout your various SMB “Inbound Marketing” pages that will entice your repeat visitors to accept.
  8. Invite  repeat visitors, who share their e-mail information in exchange for your  valuable download, to also subscribe to your SMB monthly newsletter.

These are just some of the ways  that SMBs can integrate their marketing efforts through a judicious mix of  inbound and outbound techniques.  When Inbound Marketing drives Outbound Marketing, a SMB is more likely to gain qualified leads at corresponding outbound events resulting in a better ROI for its marketing dollars.